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Thank you to everyone who came to our Nowruz celebration on March 21st!

Nowruz ("new day" in Persian) is the Iranian New Year based on the astronomical vernal equinox. At our event, we…

Recent events that NESA has participated in hosting:

We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Muhammad Habib for hosting an Arabic Calligraphy Workshop open to the public on October…

Since October 7, many of us are following the war in Israel and Gaza with horror. Some of us are affected deeply and personally, with colleagues, friends, and family killed or in danger. We dread…

Assistant Professor James Moore's latest book, New Aramaic Papyri from Elephantine in Berlin, received a positive review from historian Amit Gvaryahu of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.…

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Mehrak Kamali
Senior Lecturer & Persian Language Program Coordinator
Morgan Liu
Associate Professor and Department Chair