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September 14, 2023

Assistant Professor James Moore's latest book, New Aramaic Papyri from Elephantine in Berlin, received a positive review from historian Amit Gvaryahu of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.…

June 8, 2023

The American Academy for Jewish Research represents the oldest organization of Judaic scholars in North America. Fellows are nominated and elected by their peers and thus constitute the most…

March 9, 2023

Ticket to the World Summer Camp brings world languages to middle school students in a way they may not encounter in school. 

Through full-immersion language classes, cultural lessons…

March 7, 2023

Season 4 Episode 7: Do Jews Believe in Magic
While the Talmud famously forbids sorcery, Jewish history is full of examples of what many today might refer to as "magic." In this episode, host…

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Geri Atanassova
Associate Professor of Teaching of Arabic Language
Professor and Department Chair of History
PhD Cand. Samuel M. Melton Graduate Fellow in Jewish Studies 2023-2024