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Study Abroad

The Department of Near Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures offers eligible Ohio State students the opportunity to select from a number of Arabic and Hebrew-focused study abroad programs.  Programs allow students a variety of combinations of opportunities to develop language skills while also enrolling in courses that may in some cases satisfy major, minor, and GE program requirements.

Students earn graded Ohio State credit for all coursework they complete on approved study abroad programs.  In many cases, students can work with their academic advisors prior to leaving campus to determine how specific courses from their program will apply to their major or minor at Ohio State.  Because Ohio State language programs are taught through specific course sequences, however, it is not possible to pre-approve language coursework from another institution as the equivalent of any specific Ohio State coursework.  Students must complete the relevant language proficiency exam after completing their study abroad program to enable the Department to evaluate the language coursework from their program for equivalency to Ohio State language courses and appropriate placement within their language curriculum.

Students attending approved programs remain enrolled at Ohio State during the term of their program, can use Ohio State institutional financial aid, are eligible to apply for additional institutional grants and scholarships, and earn graded Ohio State credit.  The following programs are Ohio State-approved and offered academic credit from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures:


Ben Gurion University
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Tel Aviv University
University of Haifa


CIEE Arabic Language and Culture and Advanced Arabic Language in Jordan [Amman]
[summer] CIEE Summer Arabic Language in Jordan

United Kingdom & Jordan

FIE: London-Amman Peace, Conflict and Arabic Language

Ohio State and the Department of Near Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures recognize that there are a number of opportunities, beyond the official Ohio State-approved programs, for students to travel and study in North Africa and the Middle East while earning credit from other institutions.  Students planning to pursue a non-sponsored experience are still required to adhere to the university protocols for independent study abroad.

In some cases, Ohio State students who have sought other opportunities to study abroad have successfully presented transcripts from these non-approved programs to the Ohio State Registrar and received general credit on their advising reports.  The Department, however, discourages students from enrolling in non-approved programs because the academic quality of these programs is often difficult to verify.  In addition, approved programs have been reviewed for their health and safety standards.  Students should assume that credit hours and coursework earned on non-approved programs will not be counted toward their minor or major program requirements.

Visit the Office of International Affairs website and email globaledspecialist@osu.edu for more information.