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Former Students

Former Students

Abdalla, Hebah Ahmed
Graduation Year: Spring 1996
Dissertation/Thesis: Framing the elections : an examination of post-election news coverage of the 1995 Egyptian Parliamentary Elections

Ağır, Ahmet
Graduation Year: Autumn 1998
Dissertation/Thesis: The Intellectuality of Günay Rodoplu

Ahmed, Mustafa
Graduation Year: Spring 1992
Dissertation/Thesis: Narrative in the Qur’an and its Relationship to Medieval Arabic Narrative Literature

Albirini, Abdulkafi 
Graduation Year: Autumn 2005
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Alsarhan, Asma 
Graduation Year: Autumn 1998
Dissertation/Thesis: Sayyid Qutb’s Approach to Arabic Literary Criticism

Al-Omari, Omar 
Graduation Year: Winter 1988
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Andruss, Jessica
Graduation Year:  2010 
Dissertation/Thesis: The Judaeo-Arabic commentary on Jonah by the Karaite Japheth ben Eli: Introduction and translation

Bartley, Kathryn
Graduation Year:  Spring 2004
Dissertation/Thesis: A Study of the Hebrew Text of Psalm 132 

Batarseh, Benjamin
Graduation Year:  Spring 2020
Dissertation/Thesis: Transjordanian State-Building and the Palestinian Problem: How Tribal Values and Symbols Became the Bedrock of Jordanian Nationalism

Bekçioğlu, Bülent 
Graduation Year:  Autumn 1994
Dissertation/Thesis: The experience of modernity and Turkish poetry

Bell, Gregory
Graduation Year:  Summer 1989
Dissertation/Thesis: Literary Commitment and Gender in Arabic Literature: A Study of Yusuf Idrisi’s al-Ayb

Bell, Joanna
Graduation Year:  2012
Dissertation/Thesis: The Qur’anic Ḥanīfiyya and its Role as a Middle Nation

Bell, Joyce
Graduation Year:  ???
Dissertation/Thesis: A Translation of al-Mu’allimuun by al-Jahiz 

Benninger, Hannah
Graduation Year:  2005
Dissertation/Thesis: Developing Advanced Arabic Proficiency: a Student Perspective

Berks, Amy
Graduation Year:  Spring 1992  
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Biglin, Brent
Graduation Year:  Spring 2013  
Dissertation/Thesis: Discipline & Disorder in Women’s Fiction through the Lebanese Civil War

Boland, Saba
Graduation Year: Spring 2003  
Dissertation/Thesis: The Karbala Paradigm in Iranian Shi’ite Memory: Questions on Traditional, Narrative, Ritual, and Performance

Bolz, Stephanie
Graduation Year: 2005  
Dissertation/Thesis: Necromancy in Order Neziqin of the Babylonian Talmud: A Comparison of Sanhedrin 65A-B, Baba Meisi’a 107B, and Baba  Batra 58A-B

Brown, Sandra
Graduation Year: 1992
Dissertation/Thesis: Carpets in Context: Explorations in Moroccan Material Culture

Çakır, Müge 
Graduation Year: Spring 2003
Dissertation/Thesis: Earthquake: Women’s Images of the City in Post-Disaster Autobiographical Memory 

Calhoun, Catherine
Graduation Year: Summer 1989
Dissertation/Thesis: Rereading, Rewriting and Resistance: Ghassan Kanafani’s ‘A’id ila Haifa as Minor Literature

Clement, Victoria
Graduation Year: Summer 1999
Dissertation/Thesis: The Politics of Script Reform in Soviet Turkmenistan: Alphabet and National Identity Formation

Coza, Hatice
Graduation Year: Summer 2007
Dissertation/Thesis: Between modernity and Islam : the literary analysis of Islamist women's texts in Turkey after the 1970s

Cross, Carmen
Graduation Year: Spring 1999
Dissertation/Thesis: A Statistical Study of the Written Errors Committed by Native English Speakers Learning Arabic as a Foreign Language

Curry, John
Graduation Year: Winter 1998
Dissertation/Thesis: Arabic Sources on the Island of Cyprus from the 7th through the 10th Centuries C.E.

Dailey, Matthew
Graduation Year: Summer 1995
Dissertation/Thesis: The Psalter of the Dead Sea Scrolls: Arguing for an Early Formulation of the Psalms 

Demirci, Kerim
Graduation Year: Autumn 1998
Dissertation/Thesis: Temel: New Figure in the Academic Sphere, Stereotyped Character in Turkish Humor
Demirer, Derya
Graduation Year: Autumn 1998
Dissertation/Thesis: Women between Modernity, Islam, and Orientalism: A Case Study: The Headscarf Dilemma in Turkey

Diwan, Naazneen 
Graduation Year: Spring 2008
Dissertation/Thesis: Female Legal Subjects and Excused Violence: Male Collective Welfare Through State-Sanctioned Discipline in the Levantine French Mandate and Metropole

Dowling, Jennifer
Graduation Year: 1988 
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Driver, Corey 
Graduation Year: 2011
Dissertation/Thesis: Personal Experience (Hi)Stories from Moroccan Mixed Ethno-Religious Communities 

Eden, Jacob
Graduation Year: Summer 2003
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Einhorn, Jonathan 
Graduation Year: 1995
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

El-Yousseph, Hannaa 
Graduation Year: Spring 2000
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Engle, John
Graduation Year: Spring 1993
Dissertation/Thesis: The Text of Jeremiah 27-29 in the CXX and Mt: A Survey and Analysis

Felek, Özgen
Graduation Year: Spring 2003
Dissertation/Thesis: The Death of Narcissus: An experiment in the psychoanalysis of an Ottoman Poet 

Fiala, Lynne
Graduation Year: Spring 1992
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Frankel, David
Graduation Year: Spring 2012
Dissertation/Thesis: Studies in Saadiah Gaon’s Arabic Translations

Gazerani, Ameneh
Graduation Year: Spring 2003
Dissertation/Thesis: Thugs, Thieves, Tricksters or Popular Heroes? : a Comparative Look at the Phenomenon of 'Ayyari

Gegas, Evangelos 
Graduation Year: 1992
Dissertation/Thesis: The National Intellectual in Ion Dragoumis’ Work: Nationalism and Cultural Politics 

Goldsberry, Lalainya  
Graduation Year: 1997 
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Hassan, Fatme
Graduation Year: 1996
Dissertation/Thesis: Ḥannā Mīnah's trilogy of the sea : an analytical study

Hess, Tara
Graduation Year: 2010
Dissertation/Thesis: Forced to Flee: Iraqi Experiences of Displacement in the 2003 War.

Hoge, Kerstin 
Graduation Year: 1991
Dissertation/Thesis: From 'Anti-daytshmerish' to the 'Hidden Standard': The Dynamics of the Yiddish Standardization Process '

Hunanyan, Gevorg 
Graduation Year: 2012
Dissertation/Thesis: The Image of the Prostitute in Modern Arabic Literature.

Honarmand, Saeed 
Graduation Year: Winter 2005
Dissertation/Thesis: Reading Shahnameh in the Context of Messianic Expectation

Karabulut, Ferhat  
Graduation Year: 1998
Dissertation/Thesis: The Turkish Women and Leyla Erbil:Political and Ideological Consciousness of Female Protagonists in Erbil's Works

Karakaya , Abbas
Graduation Year: 2001
Dissertation/Thesis: The Changing Image of Anatolia in Cahit Külebi's Poetry

Kashou, Hanan 
Graduation Year: 2013
Dissertation/Thesis: War and Exile In Contemporary Iraqi Women’s Novels

Katsan, Gerasimus 
Graduation Year: 1995
Dissertation/Thesis: Exile in post-modern Greek Novel

Khoury, Issam 
Graduation Year: 2001
Dissertation/Thesis: Land, Honor and Self: Identity Issues in the Post-1967 Literature of Palestinian Women.

Koneva, Tatiana 
Graduation Year: 1994
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Lammendola, Daniel 
Graduation Year: 2013 
Dissertation/Thesis: Hybridization and Enunciation in Arab-Italian Migrant Literature

Mangialardi, Rocco 
Graduation Year: 2013 
Dissertation/Thesis: Egyptian Hip Hop and the January 25th Revolution

Mansour, Fawaz
Graduation Year: 1992 
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Martin, Sean
Graduation Year: 1994
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Mezger, Christopher
Graduation Year: 2018
Dissertation/Thesis: The Two Syriac Manuscripts in the Rare Books Collection of The Ohio State University’s Thompson Library

Murad, Hessa 
Graduation Year: 1992
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Niehoff, Patricia
Graduation Year: 1990
Dissertation/Thesis: The Reign of 'Umar b. 'Abd al-'Aziz by Abu Ja'far Muhammad b. Jarir al-Tabari

Oda, Ryoichi 
Graduation Year: 1997
Dissertation/Thesis: Nizām al-Mulk and the Siyasat Nama: A Study of Nizām al-Mulk's Motives for Writing the Siyasat Name

Osman, Suzan
Graduation Year: 1997
Dissertation/Thesis: Jadidist Texts in Context: a Critical Perspective

Özoğlu, Ademn
Graduation Year: 1993
Dissertation/Thesis: Kurdish National Discourse: The PKK and the Şeyh Said Revolt

Pace, Carl 
Graduation Year: 2005
Dissertation/Thesis: The Biblical Perspective on the Midbār and the "Nomadic Ideal" Hypothesis

Popp, Richard 
Graduation Year: 1993
Dissertation/Thesis: Egyptian Popular Theatre Of The 1950s And 1960s : New Theatrical Direction Or Cultural Statement

Rassekh, Sam 
Graduation Year: 1997
Dissertation/Thesis: The Iranian American Diaspora: Waiting for Ferdowsi 

Rieder, Ryan
Graduation Year: Autumn 2002
Dissertation/Thesis: Sane’ In the Old Testement Tradition and its Use in Malachi 1:3 

Ruffner, Kimberly
Graduation Year: Autumn 1998
Dissertation/Thesis: The Process of Translating Arabic Poetry into English: Nizar Qabbani, A Case Study

Schreiber, Todd 
Graduation Year: 2010
Dissertation/Thesis: Identity and Border Relations between Iraq and Iran in the 20th Century: The Cases of Khuzestan and Shatt al-Arab

Sears, Joshua
Graduation Year: Spring 2012
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Shadchehr, Farah Fatima
Graduation Year: 2000 
Dissertation/Thesis: Bahar a Poet and Political Activist : a Case Study of Mohammad Taqi Bahar

Shadchehr, Sandra
Graduation Year: Summer 2001
Dissertation/Thesis: Lowering the Veil: Daughters of the Harem Speak

Shahrani, Shahreena 
Graduation Year: Summer 2010
Dissertation/Thesis: Lowering the Veil: Daughters of the Harem Speak

Shammout, Khaled Jamil
Graduation Year: Summer 1995
Dissertation/Thesis: Ghassan Kanafani’s Short Stories: A Critical Study

Siada, Ghada 
Graduation Year: Summer 1995
Dissertation/Thesis: Alfred Faraj: The Making of a Playwright

Skrzypczak, John
Graduation Year: Summer 1993
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Slaouihakim, Abderrahim 
Graduation Year: 2009
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Smith, Julianna
Graduation Year: 2013
Dissertation/Thesis: Coptic Papacy and Power in a Changing Post-Mubarak Egypt

Steppenbacker, James 
Graduation Year: 2009
Dissertation/Thesis: The Palestine Communist Party from1919 to 1939: A Study of the Subaltern Centers of power in Mandate Palestine

Stewart, Christopher 
Graduation Year: 2011
Dissertation/Thesis: The Arabic Adjective and Attribute 

Suliman, Marwan
Graduation Year: 2011
Dissertation/Thesis: Novelistic Worlds of Mu'nis al-Razzāz: The Triology 

Sweester, Heather
Graduation Year: 2012
Dissertation/Thesis: A chapter in the history of coffee : a critical edition and translation of Murtaḍā az-Zabīdī's epistle on coffee

Taylor, Christopher 
Graduation Year: 2005
Dissertation/Thesis: Bakhtiyari Folktales: Selections from Afsanah'ha-yi Char Mahal va Bakhtiyari

Trotter, Michael
Graduation Year: 2008
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Tuazon, Allen 
Graduation Year: 2011
Dissertation/Thesis: "Understanding" in Revelation: the root ‘-Q-L in the Qur’ān.

Tuley, Katherine 
Graduation Year: 2014
Dissertation/Thesis: The Personal and Political: Marriage Alliances in Antioch and Edessa

White, Breanne
Graduation Year: 2013
Dissertation/Thesis: Gender and Resistance in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Woman's Voice in the Literary Works of Sahar Khalifeh and David Grossman

White, Carron 
Graduation Year: 2011
Dissertation/Thesis: A Christian by Religion and a Muslim by Fatherland: Egyptian on Coptic Equality 

Wightman, Melinda 
Graduation Year: 2004
Dissertation/Thesis: 'Abd al-Rahmān al-Kawakibī's Vision for an Islamic Renaissance: Umm al-Qura 

Yildiz, Behattin
Graduation Year: 1997
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Zargar, Cameron
Graduation Year: 1997
Dissertation/Thesis: The Hanbali and Wahhabi Schools of Thought as Observed Through the Case of Ziyarah

Zhao, Yunhao
Graduation Year: 2012 
Dissertation/Thesis: Performing Differences: Negotiating a Muslim Minority’s Space in China

Zilberstein, Revital 
Graduation Year: 1991
Dissertation/Thesis: N/A

Akers, Deborah Sue
Graduation Year: Autumn Quarter 1986

Alatawi, Ahmed
Graduation Year: Spring 2017
Dissertation/Thesis: The Representation of Social Hierarchy in Saudi Women Novelists’ Discourse Between 2004 and 2015

Anagnostu, Georgios
Graduation Year: 1999
Dissertation/Thesis: Negotiating identity, connecting through culture : Hellenism and Neohellinism in Greek America

Bond, David
Graduation Year: 2017
Dissertation/Thesis: Images of the Past: Nostalgias in Modern Tunisia

Hackenburg, Clint 
Graduation Year: 2015
Dissertation/Thesis: Voices of the converted : Christian apostate literature in medieval Islam

Bosnakis, Panayiotis 
Graduation Year: Autumn 1993
Dissertation/Thesis: The critique of Greekness and the formation of the Greek avant-garde

Clark, Allen 
Graduation Year: Spring 2002
Dissertation/Thesis: Ideologically Motivated Translation

Demirer, Yücel 
Graduation Year: Spring 2001
Dissertation/Thesis: Tradition and politics: New Year festivals in Turkey

Hackenburg, Clint
Graduation Year: Spring 2001
Dissertation/Thesis: Voices of the converted: Christian apostate literature in medieval Islam

Harter, Scott
Graduation Year: 1993
Dissertation/Thesis: ?Al-xud'ah and "?AL-'amaliyyah ?al-kubra:" two of Yusuf Idris's invectives on Nasserism: concealed meanings

Hemmig , Christopher
Graduation Year: 2015
Dissertation/Thesis: What Development? Poverty and the Struggle to Survive in the Fuuta Tooro Region of Southern Mauritania

Hussein, Lutfi
Graduation Year: 1994 
Dissertation/Thesis: Voicing-dependent vowel duration in standard Arabic and its acquisition by adult American students

Selby, Parker
Graduation Year: 2017
Dissertation/Thesis: Husayn's Dirt: The Beginnings and Development of Shi'i Ziyara in the Early Islamic Period

Price, Joseph
Graduation Year: 2015
Dissertation/Thesis: Chastised Rulers in the Ancient Near East

Schaffner, Ryan
Graduation Year: 2013
Dissertation/Thesis: The Bible through a Qur’ānic Filter: Scripture Falsification (Taḥrīf) in 8th- and 9th-Century Muslim Disputational Literature

Shahrani, Shahreena 
Graduation Year: Summer 2016
Dissertation/Thesis: In Pursuit of `Good Society’: Navigating Politics, Marriage, and Adulthood in Contemporary Jordan

Zhao, Yunhao
Graduation Year: 2017
Dissertation/Thesis: Space of mortality: a study of death-related practices and talks in a Chinese Muslim village