Course Schedules

The Department of Near Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures offers a selection of the courses listed in its OSU Course Catalog listings every semester, depending on a variety of factors.  Course schedules for recent, current, and (tentatively) upcoming semesters are listed here.  Course titles are linked to course descriptions and, where applicable, information about prerequisites in these schedules.

Consult the NESA Course Catalog Excerpts for a comprehensive listing of University-approved NELC courses and to browse course titles and descriptions. 

Academic Year 2016-17
Autumn 2016
Spring 2017

Academic Year 2017-18
Autumn 2017
Spring 2018

Academic Year 2018-19
Autumn 2018
Spring 2019

Academic Year 2019-20
Autumn 2019
Spring 2020

Academic Year 2020-21
Autumn 2020
Spring 2021

Academic Year 2021-22
Autumn 2021
Spring 2022

Academic Year 2022-23
Autumn 2022
Spring 2023

Academic Year 2023-24
Autumn 2023
Spring 2024