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South Asia Studies Minor

“South Asia” describes the region that includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.  Rich in history and culture, South Asia is increasingly important on the global scene. Over one fifth of the world’s population lives in South Asia, an area which is home to major world religions, including Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Christianity. South Asia also hosts the largest democracy in the world, made up of a 1.2 billion person constituency. Over two thousand languages from five different language families are spoken here.

Whether you are interested in language and the arts, medicine, religion and society, business and development, or politics and history, knowledge about South Asia is crucial to becoming a global citizen of today’s world.  The associated faculty is pleased to offer a variety of courses that will allow you to choose classes which fit your future goals best.

The program requirements for the Minor in South Asia Studies are predicated on NELC 2220 (Introduction to South Asian Studies), which delivers the basic knowledge necessary to engage in deeper study.  To complete the minor, you’ll complete this course along with the electives you choose. Although students can build their minor by taking the required course and any other electives, several recommended sample curricula are available that will give students examples of what their South Asia Minor could look like depending on their majors or interests.

South Asia Studies

[official College of Arts & Sciences requirements articulation also available as PDF]

A. Required Course (3 credit hours):

     SASIA 2220 [.01 or .02] Introduction to South Asian Studies (3) [cross-listed as Comp. Stds. 2220]

2. Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

-Minimum 6 credit hours at the 3000-level.
-Language coursework is strongly encouraged; up to 3 units of Hindi, Urdu, Persian or Tibetan coursework at the 2000-level or above may count toward the minor

Near Eastern and South Asian Languages & Cultures (NESA)
     3620 Everyday Life in South Asia (3)
     SASIA 3625[.01/.02] Understanding Bollywood, Knowing India: Hindi Cinema Since 1960 (3)
     SASIA 5241 Interdisciplinary Approaches to South Asian Studies (3)

     2390 Ancient India (3)
     2392 Colonial India (3)
     2393 Contemporary India and South Asia (3)
     3365 History of Afghanistan (3)
     4390 Readings in South Asian History (3)

History of Art
     5711 Art of India I (3)
     5724 The Buddhist Art of Gandhåra and Kåßmªr (3)

     2120 Asian Philosophies

Religious Studies
     3671 Religions of India (3)
     3673 The Buddhist Tradition (3)

     5902 Elementary Sanskrit (3)
     5903 Intermediate Sanskrit (3)
     5904 Vedic Sanskrit (1-3)

C. Special Topics Courses, substitutable electives by petitioned with relevant subject matter:

Comparative Studies
     2105 Literature and Ethnicity (3)
     2321 Introduction to Asian American Studies (3)
     3661 The City and Culture (3)
     4803 ​Studies in Asian American Literature and Culture (3) (cross-listed with English 4587)
     5691 Special Topics in Comparative Studies (3)

     4564.04 Major Authors: Salman Rushdie (3)
     4581 Special Topics in U.S. Ethnic Literatures (3)
     4583 Special Topics in World Literature: Imagining India (3)
    4587 Studies in Asian American Literature and Culture (3) (cross-listed with Comp. Stds. 4803)

History of Art
     2003 Asian Art (3)

Religious Studies
     2102.01(H) Literature and Religion (3)
     2370(H) Introduction to Comparative Religion (3)

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
     2296(H) Topics in Women’s Studies (3)