Summer Intensive Arabic Program


The Summer Intensive Arabic Program will NOT be taking place Summer 2022. We will be hosting some Arabic Courses during the summer of which you can find at Schedule Planner.

The Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures offers an intensive Arabic language program, allowing both current OSU students AND non-OSU students the opportunity to complete first- and second-semester (1101 and 1102) or third- and fourth-semester (1103 and 2104) Arabic during the second 8-week OSU summer term.

Curriculum & Content

Arabic Language

The intensive format of the program allows:

  • students in graduate and professional programs the chance to complete two semesters' worth of language training without interfering with their enrollment in seminars
  • students at other institutions access to OSU's foreign language expertise
  • OSU undergraduates a chance to more rapidly advance within the broader Arabic curriculum

No previous Arabic language training or experience is required for enrollment in the elementary component of the Summer Intensive Program.  Students with limited experience, and particularly students for whom sufficient time has lapsed since their previous experience, will be asked to enroll in the elementary Arabic component. 

Students wishing to enroll in the intermediate Arabic component must either have recently completed the 'regular' (full semester) Arabic 1102 or demonstrated their competence and ability to succeed with a placement exam.

The Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Arabic Program provides a rich curriculum designed to help students develop proficiency and expertise in all skills important to language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Additionally, the Intensive Arabic Program will include opportunities for students to encounter and experience a broad range of the diverse cultures of the Arabic speaking world.

Planned cultural and enrichment activities include an Arabic calligraphy workshop, Arabic film screenings, music events, guest lectures, cooking lessons, and field trips to local Middle East restaurants and grocery stores.

Eligibility & Procedures

Participants must apply (by way of the online application form with attached 300-word personal statement) and be accepted to the program in order to enroll.  

Students may apply to take a single course or both courses in the beginning and intermediate 2-course sequence:

Summer 2020 class dates are: June 2-26 (Arabic 1101 and 1103) and June 29-July 24 (Arabic 1102 and 2104)

Students that wish to complete the full 8 week, 2-course sequence and students that are enrolled in Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures Academic Programs (majors, minors, and graduate programs) will receive priority during the application review process.   

Non-current OSU students must also apply for eligibility to enroll in OSU courses through the OSU Extended Education program.  The Office of Extended Education has separate application deadlines for non-current OSU students to be eligible for summer coursework.  More information, including eligibility and application requirements and instructions, are available at

Middle and High School Students

Qualified students in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate in the summer intensive Arabic Program through College Credit Plus (CCP), managed by the OSU Academy Program. Interested students with questions about this process are encouraged to contact the OSU Academy Program: Phone: 614-292-3980; Email: After being admitted to the OSU Academy program, students should complete the regular summer intensive Arabic Program application process described below.


Arabic 1101 - June 2 - June 26, classes meet Monday - Friday: 9am-1pm
Arabic 1102 - June 29 - July 24, classes meet Monday - Friday: 9am-1pm
Arabic 1103 - June 2 - June 26, classes meet Monday - Friday: 10am-12pm & 12:30-2:30pm
Arabic 2104 - June 29 - July 24, classes meet Monday - Friday: 10am-12pm & 12:30-2:30pm


The estimated total cost of enrollment (total tuition and fees) for Summer 2020 academic term is expected to be similar to the 2019 rates which,  for 8 undergraduate-level credit hours, was $2,539.86 for Ohio residents and $7,543.86 for non-residents [see the Registrar's Summer 2019 fee table for details and, for explanations of individual costs,].

Application Checklist (Application Deadline - May 1)

In addition to completing the online application, interested applicants will need to do the following:

  • Arrange for 2 letters of recommendation to be submitted. One of these recommendations should come from a language instructor (if possible) and the other(s) can be from an academic or professional recommender that can attest that the applying student has the interest, ability, and work ethic to succeed in our challenging intensive language program. Letters of recommendation should be sent directly to the NELC Department at
  • Submit copies of transcripts (only required if applicant is a non-OSU student or if student has completed Arabic language coursework at another institution). These transcripts can be unofficial and should be sent directly to the NELC Department at
  • Complete Arabic Language Placement Exam (only required if applying for intermediate Arabic and is not currently enrolled in OSU Arabic language coursework). Instructions for completing Arabic Language Placement Exam can be found on the Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures website.
  • Arabic Writing Sample - As part of the application, students applying to the intermediate Arabic 1103/ AR2104 courses will submit an unaided writing sample in Arabic (125-200 words) or a copy of the latest Arabic language exam completed. Your Arabic writing sample can be on any topic, but it must be your own writing with no editing or assistance by anyone else or use of any translation programs. We need to see real evidence of where you are with Arabic at the moment.

More Information

Please contact the Department's Academic Program Coordinator, Noah Blacker, at if you have any questions or concerns.