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Contemporary Arab Cultures: Arts, Mass Media, Society

ARABIC 2241: Contemporary Arab Cultures: Arts, Mass Media, Society

A general survey and examination of the socio-cultural structure of the modern Arab world.  Taught in English.

This course explores the intersecting political, artistic, and intellectual currents and practices that have shaped contemporary Arab cultures. It is organized as a survey of different cultural phenomena in Arab societies and diasporas including: the Arabic language and its varieties, music, poetry, law, television & cinema, and more. We will critically examine various meanings of the term “culture,” such as social norms, popular culture, and the arts, asking: what is “Arab culture” and how should we study it? In the class, we will engage in self-reflective practices where we examine our experiences and shifting understandings of culture and put these in dialogue with scholarly sources. We will read essays from The Cambridge Companion to Modern Arab Culture (Ed. Dwight F. Reynolds) and engage with literary narrative, poetry, film, music, theater, and architecture from Arab regions. This course takes an active learning approach; we will cultivate a learning community that supports the intellectual development of each member and the whole. Students will play an active role in curating course content.

GE Foundation: Historical and Cultural Studies, GE Foundation: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Diversity
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