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Turkish (Old Program Requirements)

Changes to the requirements for fulfilling the Turkish and Central Asia Studies Minor will go into effect at the start of the 2019/2020 Academic Year. Students who entered OSU prior to the Autumn 2019 semester can choose to fulfill either the old "Turkish Minor" requirements or the new program requirements, in consultation with the NESA Academic Advisor. Students who enroll during or after the Autumn 2019 semester will be required to fulfill the new program requirements.

The revised minor program requirements can be seen here: https://nesa.osu.edu/CoursesandPrograms/AcademicPrograms/Undergraduate/TurkishandCA

Students with questions about any of NESA's undergraduate programs should contact the departmental undergraduate advisor Tommy Beyl at beyl.1@osu.edu or call (614) 292-8485 to make an appointment.

Minor program requirements

A. Prerequisites (15 credits):

     1. language coursework - 3 courses/12 units - all 3 of following 3
         Turkish 1101 Elementary Turkish I (4)
         Turkish 1102 Elementary Turkish II (4)
         Turkish 1103 Intermediate Turkish I (4)

     2. culture coursework - 1 course/3 units
         Turkish 2241 Turkish Culture

B. Language Requirement (12 credits)

Turkish 2101 Intermediate Turkish II (4)
Turkish 2102 Intermediate Turkish III (4)
Turkish 3001 Advanced Turkish Syntax (reading and composition) (4)

C. Literature in Translation (3 credits)

Turkish 2701 Turkish Literature in Translation (3)

Total: 15 credits

Transfer credit hours allowed. No more than one half of the credit hours required on the minor.