Gamze Akbaş

Gamze Akbas

Gamze Akbaş

Graduate Student

378 Hagerty Hall
1775 College Rd
Columbus, OH

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  • B.A. Kocaeli University
  • M.A. Istanbul University

Gamze Akbaş graduated from Istanbul University with a masters in Medieval Middle Eastern History.  Her MA thesis explored Rashīd al-Dīn Faḍlullāh Hamadānī's  Jāmiʿ al-tawārīkh, a major world history chronicle.  In this thesis she analyzed his account of Seljuk history and compared it to to two other major chroniclers of that era. Now having passed her candidacy exam, Gamze hopes to explore the history of medieval Islamic women.


          Area of interest

  • Medieval Islamic Women
  • Ottoman Women
  • Women’s Involvement in Politics