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2023 Summer Intensive Arabic Program

January 19, 2023

2023 Summer Intensive Arabic Program

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Complete 1 full year of Arabic Language Coursework during an 8-week summer session!* (June 6 - July 29, 2023)

Curriculum & Content

The Department of Near Eastern and South Asian Languages & Cultures Arabic Program provides a rich curriculum designed to help students develop proficiency and expertise in all skills important to language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Additionally, the Intensive Arabic Program will include opportunities for students to encounter and experience a broad range of the diverse cultures of the Arabic speaking world.

Eligibility and Procedures
Participants must apply by Wednesday, April 12, 2023 (by way of the online application form, with attached 300-word personal statement) and be accepted to the program in order to enroll. Students may apply to take a single course or both courses in the beginning and intermediate 2-course sequence: Beginning Arabic: 1101 and 1102 Intermediate Arabic: 1103 and 2104 Students that wish to complete the full 8 week, 2-course sequence & students that are enrolled in Department of Near Eastern and South Asian Languages & Cultures Academic Programs (majors, minors, and graduate programs) will receive priority during the application review process. Non-current OSU students must also apply for eligibility to enroll in OSU courses through the OSU Extended Education program. More information, including eligibility and application requirements and instructions, are available at odee.osu.edu/extended-education.

More Information, visit: https://nesa.osu.edu/SummerIntensiveArabic Questions? Contact Program Coordinator Phoebe Carmicheal, at carmicheal.96@osu/edu

*Our ability to run this program depends on the number of enrollments in each course. If we do not meet the minimum enrollment requirement, we may have to cancel one or more of these courses.