Intermediate Persian I

PERSIAN 1103: Intermediate Persian I

Further development of listening, writing, speaking, and reading skills; reading of simplified Persian texts. Closed to native speakers of this language.  Prereq: 1102 or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 102. This course is available for EM credit. GE for lang course.

In Persian 1103, Intermediate Persian I, students begin consolidating skills in conversational and social Farsi, master the last third of the required text of 1101 and 1102, acquire an active vocabulary of 2,200 words, begin to read shorter, annotated literary texts, and write simple expository prose of about a page in length. The required text and dictionaries are the same as in 1110 and 1102. The final grade is determined on the basis of class attendance, homework, quizzes, a midterm test, and a final examination. In Persian 2104, Intermediate Persian II, students master conversational and social Farsi and read and write in Farsi about general or non-specialized subjects without frequent reference to bilingual dictionaries or grammars.
Credit Hours

Sample Syllabus: