Intermediate Hindi I

HINDI 1103: Intermediate Hindi I

Continued study of Hindi language, with appropriate cultural background; development of listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

In Hindi 1102 and 1103, students are further trained to develop their skills of speaking, comprehension, reading and writing. A variety of practice activities and language tasks, ranging from mechanical to communicative, will be used in class, such as grammar exercises, pronunciation practice, language games, reading and listening comprehensions, movie watching, songs, role-playing, and small skits and plays. Presentations and discussions about Indian culture will be required and encouraged. After completing these three courses, students should be able to listen to complex conversations or stories, watch movies and understand them, read and understand short texts, engage in conversations on everyday topics, and write essays on familiar topics using the structures and vocabulary introduced in class. The course should add to students' familiarity and understanding of Indian culture.

Prereq: 1102. This course is available for EM credit. GE for lang course.
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