Readings in the Mishnah

HEBREW 4605: Readings in the Mishnah

Reading and discussion of the ideas and teachings of the Mishnah as they are reflected in the unique Mishnaic language.  Prereq: 1103 (104), or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 425. Cross-listed in Jewish Studies. 

This course includes a close reading of passages from the six orders of the Mishnah, selected as examples of Mishnaic style and language. Readings and discussions cover such topics as theories on the development and reaction of the Mishnah, and the role of the Mishnah in the development of Halacha. Special attention is paid to a systematic study of Mishnah Avot, with the purpose of introducing the student to the rabbinic concepts of values embodied in the Mishnaic literature.
Credit Hours