The World of the Rabbis

HEBREW 2209 : The World of the Rabbis

Examination of the origins, literature, and religious values of the movement of intellectuals who remade the culture of Judaism in the 2nd through 6th centuries.  Prereq: English 1110 (110). Not open to students with credit for 379.  GE cultures and ideas course.  Cross-listed in Jewish Studies      

Judaism today has its roots in a remarkable movement of intellectuals who remade an entire people's culture in a few short centuries. These people were known as Rabbis, or Teachers, and are responsible for some of the classics of Judaism, such as the intricate dialectic of the Talmud, the fanciful and insightful biblical interpretations of the Midrash, and the poetry of the Jewish prayerbook. In this course students will get to know this movement: its history, its literature, and its religious values. In doing so students will explore questions important to the study of religions, such as how a religious people responds to catastrophe, the relationship of law and spirituality, and the nature of holiness in ancient societies.
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